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Thyroid storm can be precipitated by surgery in pt w/ thyrotoxicosis. Almost all pts will have
Alcoholic withdrawl and panic disorder will not present once under anesthesia
pheochromocytoma – look for a PALE(catecholamine-induced vasoconstriction) tachycardic pt.
Rapid eye movement sleep disorder – dream enactment latter part of the night, in older men.
May be a prodromal sign of neurodegen - parkinson.
Theca lutein cysts – only occur in setting of pregnancy. U/S – multiseptated BILATERAL cystic
masses. No calcifications, not hyperechoic.
Corpus luteum cysts and simple ovarian cysts rupture. Dermoid cysts DO NOT(frequently).
The level of obstruction of meconium ileus is at the ileum! The Entire colon is empty aka
Nearly all CF pts develop sinopulmonary dz. Opacification of all sinuses can be seen as early as
age 8 months.
CF women only 20% are infertile
SOD dys – visualize dilated common bile duct but NO STONES. Opioids may worsen
symptoms because causes sphincter contrxn.
◦ Best test – SO manometry. Tx: sphincterotomy.
Bile reflux gastritis – incompetent pyloric sphincter following gastric surgery – allows
retrograde flow of bile rich duodenal fluid into stomach and esophagus. = vomiting, GERD +
abd pain.
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