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Every employee needs to conduct in a particular manner while in the organization. The
employees need to check their behavior and regulate them during every interaction in
the company. While any employee is interacting with the customers, co-workers or
anyone else; they need to maintain their emotions.
For eg: In an industry like customer service, the employees need to regulate their
emotions while talking to the customers. Even when they are receiving the negative
comments from customers, they still need to maintain their top behavior. This comes
with the practice of emotional labor. It is a special method that helps the employees at
every step in the organizational career.
OB concepts will be as follows:
Perception: Alex was seen as the star performer though Alex was not upto the mark as
far as behaviour is concerned. Alex used to pick up the calls during interview and used
to send mails late a night. This goes along with yelling at sub-ordinates.
Motivated Behaviour: Usually checks on the co workers when they were given any
assignments where they are fine or they need some help. This is very engaging and
motivating behaviour on the part of Alex.
A whole Person: Alex used to invite the co-workers to dinners or events. This basically
shows that Alex is a whole person who knows how to keep the co workers motivated
and be social at the same time.
Desire for Involvement: When the company is trying to implement new 360 degree
feedback, they basically want to engage everyone in order to make every individual
better. They will receive different feedbacks from different people so that they can grow
organically in the organization.
Human Dignity: Leong did not want to interrupt when Alex was yelling at Betsy. He was
of the opinion that his involvement will further embarrass Betsy.
Holistic Concept: However good the individual is in his/her work, he can not grow in a
holistic manner until he is a team player and takes everyone along with him to the
heights. Good example of this in the case is Alex Sanders. Alex was a great performer but
had a very bad temper & was not a team player. Because of which, the management was
having the second thoughts on keeping Alex in the organization.