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I. Circle the correct alternative
1) How did humans communicate in ancient times?
a) Walkie- Talkie
b) Smoke Signals
c) Rock symbols
2) What did German Gutenberg invent?
a) Typewriter
b) Dictionary
c) Printing press
3) Which device relayed electrical impulses?
a) Telegraph
b) Printing press
c) Telephone
4) What did the invention of the telephone lead to?
a) Smoke signals
b) The use of Internet
c) Fiber optics
5) What are the advances from the last 30 years?
a) Internet
b) Email
c) Wereable devices
d) All of them
II. Fill in the gap
Network - Optical fiber - Wearable - Data - Electric Impulse - Software
_________ technology such as "smart clothes" can be used to monitor heart rate.
When you buy a new computer, you usually get _________ included at no extra cost.
Nowadays, copper cable has been replaced by _________ on internet services.
The __________ moved through the cable to acti