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Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Region V
Quezon St. Masbate
In the world of education, good system is a must.
a. Background of the Study. Education
is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the
people who prepare for it today” – MALCOLM X b. Statement of the Problem
1. What are the socio-demographic of the respondents?;
a. 1. age
b. 2. gender
c. 3. financial status
d. 4. number of child
e. 5. Number of studying
f. 6. Occupation
2. What is the perception of parents of masbate about implementation of k to 12 curriculum?;
3. What are the perceived problems of k to 12 curriculum? and;
4. What are effects of implementation of k to 12 curriculum?
c. Scope and Delimitation
d. Significance of the Study
At this generation of this, economy and society is changing and there’s a lot of action that should be taken. There’s
a lot of challenges that should be faced especially the educators who are being asked to do more to teach their
scholar and also the scholar face challenges due to suddenly changes of society. A successful education system will
need to be prior of importance to succeed and prosper in the future.
Education is a gateway to a better job and greater earning potential. One key to understanding this issue is an
appreciation of overall education and training.
a. Related Literature. ―How can we ensure that education is the right one for the times? ― Different skill sets will
be required for the future. The next generation will need to be entrepreneurial, willing to take risks and be
multicultural. Lynch (2013)1
Connelly. (2013) cited that schools have always played a vital role in ensuring that students have the skills needed
for the job or career they have chosen. The key function of education is to fully prepare students for life after
schooling preparation for the world of work is a necessary and vital part of that equation. As our society and
economy continues to evolve, it may be time to rethink how public education aids students in choosing career and
education pathways. Additionally, due to the present economic and social changes our government is dealing with,
it is imperative that we think more deeply about the future of those students who will enter the workforce
immediately after high school.2
Tan (2011) in his writings, he discussed and pointed at important things about k to 12. he enumerated the four
phases of the k to 12 program: Phase I it refers to Laying the Foundations the goal of which is to finally
implemented the universal kindergarten (offered since on S.Y- 2011-2012) and the “development of the program”;
Phase II is that at Modelling an Migration aimed to promote the enactment of the basic education law, to finally
start of the phased implementation of the new curriculum for grade 1 to 4 and 7 to 10, and for the Modelling of
the Senior High School; Phase III it is the complete Migration, the goal of which is to finally implement the Grades
11 and 12 or the Senior High School, and to signed the end of migration to the new educational system and the
Reform aimed to complete the implementation of k to 12 education system. 3
B. Related Study. Zelman (2012) conducted a study about implementation of the k to 12 Education Reform in
Qatar’s Schools, this study is a reform of education as the key to the economic growth and socal progress. This
study was designed to assess progress made in the first year of k to 12 in Qatar’s Schools and perception of the
parents on the implementation reforms of implementation. Thus study has a relation to the researchers study it
also get a perception of the parents.1
Nartates (2012) conducted a study about the Effects of Broken Homes among Early Teenagers to their Academic
Performances this stdy cited by the researchers. These researchers analyze and study what will be the effects of
the k to 12 program to the country, parents, and teachers. This study relates to the researchers study in the sense
of it concerned on the effects k to 12 program. the difference is that this study focused on the effecs of k to 12
program to the students whose parents are working abroad.2
Manalo 92012) conducted a study about Enhances k to 12 program as Perceived by the Parents of Grade Six pupils
at Baao District, Baao Camarines Sur, School Year 2011-2012, this study are related to the researchers study
because this focus on the perception of parents and reactions on k to 12 implementation only it has a wider
respondents than the researchers study.3
Tan (2011) conducted a study on the Most Perceived Problems on k to 12 implementation of the students Luzon
Elementary School, Tagkawayan Quezon. As it also focus on the problems perceived about k to 12 program which
affects the students performances.4
a. Definition of Terms.
Entrepreneurial.one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.
Multicultural. relating to, reflecting, or adapted to diverse cultures
Vital.concerned with or necessary to the maintenance of life
Perception. a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression
b. Notes and References
a. Research Design. This study is a descriptive type of research. Since the researcher used a survey questionnaire in
the data gathering to able get the data needed to give a picture of the subject which were the selected parents
in Masbate. The researcher prepared a questionnaire which was designed to give a significant focus to aim the
objective of the study. There are (6) categories to be answered in terms of socio-demographic profile of parents.
Namely, (a) age, (b) gender, (c) financial status, (d) number of child, (e) number of child studying and for parents
perception there was (14) categories namely, (1) will helps students to be a better person, (2) gives students more
time to master competencies and skills as well, (3) enough time for other learning opportunities beyond the
classroom, (4) prepare students for higher education, (5) Makes the graduates prepared emotionally for
entrepreneurship or employment or higher education disciplines, (6) It enhances the knowledge and skills of the
students, (7) It boost the self-confidence of students, (8) It is an enjoyable experience, (9) It gives students more
time to other learning opportunities beyond the classroom, (10) Graduates will possess competencies and skills
relevant to the job market, (11) will helps the students learn skills which is relevant to have a sustainable and
decent life in the future, (12) It will gives hope to change the economic status of the family, (13)It will help the
students to prepare for their future career, (14) Additional dependency to parents vague future while (10)
categories for perceived problems of k to 12 curriculum namely, (1) Additional burden to the parents and students,
(2) This will cause additional financial problem, (3) It will deprive the other siblings to study, (4) This will cause
confusion to the students what course to get, (5) There are lots of facilities lacking like computer,(6) laboratory and
etc., (7) There will be shortage of classrooms, teachers, and non-teaching personnel, (8)It will deprail their plan of
having their children to work early to be able help them financially, (9)It will just prolong the stay of students in
school,It will just makes students really stress. (10) It will make students to be hard working and last (14)
categories for effects of k to 12 curriculum and namely, (1) Students may be more prepared to succeed in
collage-level coursework, (2) More students may go into computer science and related fields, (3) Students may
adapt better to collage life, (4) Can get a job after graduating, (5) Higher opportunities for gainful employment or
becoming an entrepreneur, (6) Economic growth, (7) Sound foundation for long-term economic development, (8)
Sufficient instructional time, (9) Recognition as professionals abroad, (10) Will help Filipinos gain a competetive
edge, (11) Public school are affordable, (13) Will offer a learner-centered curriculum, (14) Fosters gainful
employment and entrepreneurship.
b. Respondents of the Study
The respondents of the study are parents in Masbate.
C. Statistial Design
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