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 Historically, the Orient was represented in various forms of western
literature as being exotic, constantly static, underdeveloped, stagnant,
extreme and wealthy, but a source of danger and troubles as well. Sadder
still, the powerless orient is still being represented in the same way, but,
now, the representation of people of the other part of the world takes a
different form or medium that is called mass media.
 Nowadays, many influential figures around the world used this new form of
representation to represent people from different parts of the globe in
several vilifying ways. In fact, Arabs and Muslims are the very most
maligned groups in the history of mass media. Figures, like Donald J. Trump,
use the same oriental discourse used in the past by many Orientalist in the
discourse of Orientalism to represent Arabs in various egregious and
stereotypical ways.
 This research, which is entitled “Trump’s Representation of Arabs in Media
Platforms”, the main purpose is to analyze the oriental discourse used by
Donald Trump in media forms that are about Arabs. In the analysis, this
research is going to use the postcolonial approach to analyse the collected
data, using the qualitative approach to come up with kind of Orientalism
that is still alive after the death of the late great Edward W. Said, and to
find the type of representation disseminated by Trump which exist in social
media about Arabs and Muslims.