1 Worksheet--9-2 Feudalism

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(GR Ch. 9-2)
Directions: As you are reading the section, decide if a statement is true or false. Write T if the statement is
true or F is the statement is false. For all false statements, correct it to make it true. Each question is worth
2 points each.
_______ 1. In the ninth and tenth centuries, Western Europe was beset by a wave of invasion from the
Muslims and the Magyars.
_______ 2. The most far-reaching attacks of the time came from the Southmen, also known as the Turks.
_______3. The Frankish policy of settling the Vikings and converting them to Islam was a deliberate one.
_______4. By the eighth century, a man who served a lord in a military capacity was known as a vassal.
_______ 5. For almost five hundred years, men in heavily armored chariots dominated warfare in Europe.
_______ 6. Land was the most important gift a lord could give to a vassal.
_______ 7. In feudal society, loyalty to one’s lord was the chief virtue.
_______ 8. In the Middle Ages, men whose chief concern was farming dominated European society.
_______ 9. Social divisions existed between lords and knights based on the extremes of wealth and
_______ 10. Chivalry was a code of ethics by which knights were expected to defend the Church and
defenseless people, and to treat captives as honored guests.