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The Health Benefits of Turmeric

From healing wounds or burns, providing radiance to the skin, helping in
weight loss, etc. many health benefits of turmeric are yet to be discovered.
The following article will highlight the same for you.
Haridra is also known as turmeric is a crucial ingredient for home remedies
that are a part of ayurvedic treatment. From centuries, food and ayurvedic
medicine have been the medium of this Indian origin medicinal herb to lay
down its benefits among the population. This plant has the most effective
nutritional supplements and that’s why it is one of the main ingredients in
cuisines of the Indian subcontinent and South-eastern Asia.
Ayurveda training in India will educate about the health benefits of turmeric
and many other ingredients as well.
Here is a prevue of some of the health benefits of haridra:
• The anti-inflammatory effect: Intake of sugar, alcohol, processed
food increases the level of inflammation in the body. This makes the
body prone to diseases like obesity, Alzheimer and even cancer.
Therefore, kitchenettes in India use turmeric in cooking to cut down
the risk of inflammation. Turmeric possesses curcumin which is the
predominant anti-inflammatory component. It is proven to be as
effective as over the counter drugs in overcoming the inflammation in
the body.
• Strong anti-oxidant effect: The free radicals in your body cause
oxidative stress in the body; if not treated on time it can cause havoc
in the body. They attack the defense mechanism in the body,
increases sperm abnormalities which may lead to male infertility,
premature aging. In severe cases, it may cause cancer,
neurodegenerative diseases, etc.
The anti-oxidant effect in haridra neutralizes such radicals and boosts
the in-house anti-oxidant enzymes for enhanced results in healing of
the body. Moreover, the application of turmeric on a wound or a burn
has a healing effect. Applying the same on skin intensifies the radiance
and its anti-aging properties.
• Promotes healthy joints for mobility: Problem in the joints may occur
at any age with such a demanding lifestyle. It will be initiated with
mere pain in the joints eventually leading to osteoarthritis or
rheumatoid arthritis.
Whereas, consuming turmeric protects your joints from getting sore
and swollen. Researches were made to find out the truth about the
same. It was discovered that intake of 500mg of curcumin on a daily
basis cure the diseases of the joints. It also works as a preventive
measure for the initial beginning of the same.
• Looks after cardiovascular system: High level of blood pressure,
cholesterol, inflammation, etc. causes poor heart health. It
deteriorates the cardiovascular system which further leads to clotting
in the veins of the heart, cardiac arrest or other severe heart diseases.
You will never have to face these issues if you include turmeric in your
diet. The anti-inflammatory component manages the proper lining of
the heart vessels, regulates blood pressure, etc. A study has stated
that curcumin has similar effects on the body as that of aerobic
exercises vital for improving the quality of heart vessels.
• Fights depression: It is usually said that some amount of stress is good
to keep you motivated but what if the level of stress keeps on
increasing. When stress persists for a longer period it is known as
depression. It decreases the level of brain-derived neurotrophic factor
(BDNF) which is responsible for learning and memory. Eventually,
affecting mental health.
It was proved via study that curcumin in turmeric is as potent as an
antidepressant which looks after the mental health of the body. It
increases the level of BDNF, improves dopamine and other
neurotransmitters serotonin, etc. for proper healing of the patient
Although this article has highlighted the health benefits of turmeric there
are more such ingredients whose health benefits will amaze you. Ayurveda
training in India can help you dig deeper into the secrets of those
ingredients. Besides, you may also learn Ayurveda cooking courses in India
to learn the secrets of Ayurveda cooking.