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5 types of government worksheet

Types of Government
Name: Michael Doss
The Five Types of Government Explained
Follow this link to video:
List the 5 types of government from the video
 Monarchy
 Oligarchy
 Democracy
 Republic
 Anarchy
2. Which types of governments are quickly eliminated? Why?
 Monarchy, because it’s ruled by one and a king has its council of nobles. Not
ruled by one because it’s a dictatorship and never really exists.
 Anarchy, because it is just like what happened in Germany; when Hitler took
over. There would be no freedom due to one person/group (Nazis) taking over.
3. The video explains that the U.S. is actually a republic, not a true democracy. How is this
true? Democracy is not a stable form of government. It’s a gradual transition from limited
government to the unlimited rule of an Oligarchy. Democracy isn’t in the Declaration of
Independence, nor is it in any of the states. The founding fathers of the U.S. did
everything they could to keep us from having a democracy. Alexander Hamilton stated
that “We are a Republican Government” and “Real liberty is never found in despotism or
in the extremes of Democracy.”
4. How does the Wild West example portray the republic of America, not the democracy?
A gunman is in town and the people vote to have him hung 35-1. Democracy triumphs
when the 35 horseback riders. But when the Sheriff arrives he says “…he has the right to
a fair trial…” that is in a Republic. And they take him back to town and the jury has to
decide unanimously to hang him.
5. What are the pros and cons of majority rule?
6. What is the most effective way to run a government (in your opinion)? Why? (defend
your opinion)