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Business Law

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Business Law
1. List out the exemptions under which information can be denied under the Right to
Information Act, 2005.
(10 Marks)
2. Explain two (2) instances in which the consumer courts in India have given
directions/orders awarding reliefs in respect to defect of goods/deficiency of service.
Each instance should in detail explain (i) facts of the case and (ii) what relief and
damages the consumer courts has granted.
(10 Marks)
3. Karan and Arjun had entered into a contract where Karan was to supply 50,000 phones
to Arjun within 2 months from the date of signing of contract. Karan was to procure
the phones from China and deliver the same to Arjun. The rate of the phone was Rs.
5000/- a piece (inclusive of all taxes and duties). At the time of the execution of the
contract, the duty was at 5% (five percent). Immediately after the execution of the
Agreement, India had increased the duties to 1000% (one thousand percent).
Therefore, Karan was finding it difficult to sell the phones at the price agreed earlier. In
the circumstances, kindly advice:
a. How can Karan discharge such a contract?
(5 Marks)
b. How can Arjun enforce such a contract?
(5 Marks)
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