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Clinical Cases Using Exosomes
Case #1
● M.B. is a 58 year old, healthy, white male with history of hypertension and
erectile dysfunction
● Initial erectile hardness 1 out of 4. Shim score of 6
● Shockwave therapy 3 treatments given followed by P-shot with 1ml mixed
with 5 ml of Exosomes
● Follow up erectile hardness score 2.5 out of 4. Shim score of 13
Case #2
● S.B is a 48 year old, white female with history of hypothyroidism, rheumatoid
arthritis. Recent worsening of joint pain and stiffness and swelling of upper
and lower extremities
● Treated with 1cc Exosomes IV and Thymosin Alpha IV
● Results pending
Case #3
● M.S. is a 59 year old, physician in good health with a peripheral neuropathy
thought to be secondary to Levaquin therapy
● Pain in lower extremities is constant and fluctuates from 5 out of 10 to 9 out
of 10; worse with sitting
● Treated with 1ml Exosome/Thymosin Beta and BPC 157 IV followed by 1cc
Exosome IV one week later
● Results pending
Case #4
● L.O is an 89 year old fit, white male who suffered a CVA in October 2018. Only
residual deficit were fatigue and memory loss
● Energy 2 out of 10. Cognitive testing poor performance on memory sections
● Patient treated with 2mL Exosomes IV two-months after event
● Follow-up two-months after treatment; energy 7 out of 10
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Charleston, South Carolina
Charlotte, North Carolina
Better Life Carolinas
Age Management Wellness Center
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