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Cell Division and Reproduction Quiz

Cell Cycle Quiz (25 points)
Multiple Choice:
Select the letter of the correct answer to each question and mark it on your answer sheet.
1. If a cell has 24 chromosomes, how many chromosomes will each of its daughter cells have after
a. 12
b. 6
c. 20
d. 24
2. If a cell has 48 chromosomes, how many chromosomes will exist in each of its gametes?
a. 8
b. 24
c. 48
d. 50
3. Mitosis has _____ phase(s).
a. one
b. two
c. three
d. four
4. The process where the cytoplasm divides is called ______.
a. anaphase
b. telophase
c. cytokinesis
d. prophase
5. The structure labeled A in the picture to the right is called the
a. centromere.
b. centriole.
c. sister chromatid.
d. spindle.
6. The structures labeled B in the picture to the right are called
a. centromeres.
b. centrioles.
c. sister chromatids.
d. spindles.
7. What is the role of the spindle fibers during mitosis?
a. They help separate the chromosomes.
b. They break down the nuclear membrane.
c. They duplicate the DNA.
d. They make the chromosomes visible.
8. Gametes are produced by the process of
a. mitosis.
b. meiosis.
c. crossing-over.
d. replication.
9. Organisms that reproduce sexually are different from organisms that reproduce asexually in that
sexually reproducing organisms have
a. a larger number of offspring
b. more genetic variation among their offspring
c. offspring that are nearly identical to their parents
d. offspring that are perfectly adapted to their parents' habitat
10. What is the process called when cells are copied with half the number of chromosomes?
a. photosynthesis
b. meiosis
c. cellular respiration
d. mitosis
Fill in the letter of the phase during which each event occurs. Some answers may be used more
than once.
A. Interphase
B. Prophase
C. Telophase
11. Cytoplasm divides
12. Nuclear membrane breaks down
13. Longest stage of cell cycle
14. Sister chromatids are formed
15. Sister chromatids line up at equator
16. Sister chromatids move to the poles
17. Spindle fibers attach to centromeres
18. Occurs at the same time at cytokinesis
19. Nuclear membrane reforms
D. Metaphase
E. Anaphase
AB. Cytokinesis
Use the figures below to answer the following questions. Select the letter that best answers the
questions below the diagram.
20. Which stage is anaphase?
21. Which stage is interphase?
22. Which stage is prophase?
23. Which stage is metaphase?
24. Which stage is telophase?
25. What is the correct order of the cell cycle based on the images above?
a. A B C D E
b. A C E B D
c. C D A E B
d. E A C D B
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