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Absolutism Set Questions (3)

Global History
Divine Right & the Rise of Absolutism
1. Define: Absolutism --
Name _____________________________________
5. How is European absolutist rule similar to
Chinese dynastic rule?
Divine Right --
2. Why did people hesitate to question the
actions of Divine Right Kings?
6. How did European monarchs interpret
their divine power?
3. When was the era of absolutism in Europe?
4. Explain how the Protestant Reformation
contributed to the rise of Absolutism.
7. How did the Chinese interpret their divine
8. Describe a successful Absolute Monarch.
9. What made Absolute Monarchs especially
Global History
Being an Absolute Monarch
Name _____________________________________
1. What was the goal of most Absolute Mon- 6. Explain four ways Absolute Monarchs
grew their economies.
2. How were Absolute Monarchs aided by
the Protestant Reformation?
3. What were two political obstacles to absolute power?
4. How did these two pose as obstacles?
7. Why were increased revenues essential for
successful Absolutist rule?
8. Why did Absolute monarchs build up their
5. Why was the economy the golden key to
absolute power?
9. Why did Absolute Monarchs engage in
building projects?
Global History
Louis XIV of France
Name _____________________________________
1. Why was Louis XIV considered the epitome 5. What was it used for? (Four things…)
of absolutist rule?
6. How much did it cost to build it?
2. When did Louis come to power, and how
did he rule?
7. How did Louis use Versailles as a political
and economic tool?
3. What is the importance of statements like,
“I am the State” and “The Sun King”? (What
do they illustrate?)
8. What illustrated the international appeal
of French culture?
4. What was Versailles?
9. What was the status of the French nation
by the late 1600s?
Global History
Life Under Louis XIV
1. What activities might the typical noble engage in at Versailles?
Name _____________________________________
2. Why was noble life at Versailles referred
to as a “gilded cage”?
5. After Colbert died in 1683, what happened
to the French treasury? Why?
3. Who was Jean Baptiste Colbert & what
was his task?
4. What five things did Colbert implement to 6. What was the result of Louis’ foreign
grow the economy?
7. What advice did Louis give his greatgrandson (and heir)?
Global History
Philip II of Spain
1. What was Philip II’s lineage?
Name _____________________________________
6. What was the cultural status of Spain under Philip?
2. What was the Reconquista? Who completed it? On what date?
7. What were some economic problems inherited AND created by Philip?
3. How did Ferdinand & Isabella set out to
“purify” Spain?
8. Why is Philip II a classic example of an
Absolute Monarch?
4. What was the size & scope of the Spanish
Empire in the mid 1500s?
9. What is El Escorial?
5. What was the status of Spain’s military
under Philip II?
10. How does El Escorial represent Philip’s
Global History
Philip’s Troubles
Name _____________________________________
1. How did Philip II have ties to the
Protestant Reformation in England?
7. What was the significance of the Spanish
Armada’s 1571 victory?
2. Why was the marriage of Philip & Mary
considered great, politically?
8. Why (do you think) Philip sent his Armada
to attack England in 1588?
3. Why do you think it might have been unpopular in both countries?
9. What were the advantages/disadvantages
of the Armada vs. England?
4. How did Queen Mary earn the nickname
“Bloody Mary”?
10. What was the result of the battle?
11. Why did the work of the Spanish Inquisition have a negative effect on the Spanish
5. Why did Mary waste away physically dur- economy?
ing her rule?
6. How did Elizabeth’s ascension to the
throne change Spain’s relationship with England?
12. Why couldn’t Spain develop mercantilism?
13. How did Spain impact the world economy?
Global History
Elizabeth I of England
1. Explain two ways England was different
from the continental countries during the
Absolutist era?
Name _____________________________________
6. What were her tactics for navigating the
marital shark tank in Europe?
2. Explain the Tudors’ relationship with Par- 7. Describe Elizabeth’s relationship with Parliament.
8. How was Elizabeth antagonistic to Spain?
3. What was Elizabeth’s family background?
And what was the religious history of the
England she inherited?
4. What was Elizabeth’s religious policy?
9. What resulted from this antagonism?
10. What was the legacy of Elizabeth’s rule in
5. What was Elizabeth’s marital status? Why
was she considered a brilliant political mar- 11. After Elizabeth died, who inherited the
throne & why?
Global History
The Stuarts and Civil Wars
1. How did James I come to rule England?
Name _____________________________________
6. Why was there a 2nd Civil War? Result?
2. Why did James have some difficulty ruling
7. What was the Commonwealth Era?
3. How did Charles enrage the English Parliament?
8. Why was Cromwell even more unpopular
than Charles I?
9. What was the Restoration?
4. Sides in the English Civil War:
Side 1:
10. Why was the English Parliament concerned about James II’s rule?
11. What incident prompted the English Parliament to take action?
Side 2:
5. Result of the 1st Civil War?
12. What actions did the Parliament take?
13. What did this illustrate?
14. Why do you think they call it the Glorious
Global History
Peter the Great
Name _____________________________________
1. What was the impact of Russia’s “Mongol
6. What did he learn while there?
2. What were three beliefs Peter had about
the status of Russia & Western Europe?
7. How did Peter’s travels to France impact
him? Impact Russia?
8. What was Peter’s other reason for travelling to the west?
9. Was this successful? Why/not?
3. As a result of these beliefs, what did Peter
feel Russia must do?
10. Describe the positives & negatives of Peter as a monarch.
4. What did Russia need in order to have a
more sophisticated economy?
5. Why did Peter travel to the Netherlands?
Global History
Peter’s Modernizations & Westernizations
1. What was Peter’s ‘window to the west’?
What was the purpose of the ‘window’?
2. How did he attain the land and build the
Name _____________________________________
6. Define: modernize --
7. On what two categories did Peter focus his
modernizing efforts?
8. How did ship-building and iron & copper
foundries help fill the bill?
3. How did Peter construct his city?
9. What was the result of Peter’s wars
against the Ottoman Empire?
4. Define: westernization --
5. Explain three cultural westernizations Peter forced on his people.
10. Why did Peter fight the Ottoman Empire?
11. What was the result of Peter’s wars
against Sweden?
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