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Male Female Reproductive worksheet

Living Environment
Male and Female Reproductive Systems
NAME: ______________________________________________________________________
Label the diagrams of the male and female reproductive systems below. Write the functions of each labeled part underneath its name.
One has been done for you.
delivers sperm cells
into the female’s vagina
___________________________ reproductive system
___________________________ reproductive system
Living Environment
Male and Female Reproductive Systems
Fill in the blanks in the paragraph below:
The _______________ reproductive system contains the penis, two testes and sperm ducts.
reproductive system contains two ovaries, a uterus, and the oviducts.
The ___________________
The testes produce ___________________________ and
a male hormone called ____________________________________, while the ovaries of the female produce female gametes/egg
cells and the hormones ___________________________________, and __________________________________.
In males, testosterone production during puberty, around the age of 11, starts the changing of the penis and testes into their adult
forms, and stimulates the production of _______________________ in the testes.
_____________________________ also
causes an increased growth of hair on the face and body, and the voice to get deeper.
In females, the sex hormones _________________________ and _________________________ cause the uterus, vagina and
ovaries to mature, and stimulate the growth of breasts.
The ______________________________cycle is the monthly
reproductive cycle in females in which the uterus lining gets thicker to prepare for a baby and one of the ovaries releases an egg
cell. 8 When the egg does not get fertilized the uterus lining breaks down and leaves the body. This is called a _______________ ,
or menstruation.
The __________________ of the male reproductive system delivers sperm cells into the female’s reproductive system.
Fertilization of the egg cell by sperm cells happens in the _________________________________ and babies grow and develop
in the _____________________________ of the female reproductive system. 11The _________________________ in the uterus
provides nutrients and oxygen for the growing fetus.