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10-10-18 Mr.Samuel Homework

Keith Donofrio
Period 6 U.S. II
Chinese Exclusion Act Homework
“White man big fools: eaty too muchee, drinky too muchee and talkee too muchee.” An excerpt
from the play “The Chinese Must Go,” shows the racist feelings of Americans toward the
Chinese. The pure racist mindset of the Americans is why the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1982
was passed. There are many examples of the Americans having racist feelings, it is first
portrayed within Nast Cartoon and Lee Chew’s Autobiography. Also, it is shown in the play,
“The Chinese Must Go.” Lastly, it is depicted in the Workingmen speech.
In the Nast Cartoon and Lee Chew’s Autobiography describe Chinese from Nativist points of
view in the account of a political drawing and the description of a Chinese man's life. According
to the cartoon the Chinese are considered to be barbarians, dishonest, vicious, and immoral.
Along with that White Americans believed that the Chinese were “Rat eaters and slaves.”
Nativist stated that Chinese were lowest and vilest of humans ruining Americans race, railroad
industry, politics, and morality. Lee Chew’s Autobiography states that Nativist saw Chinese were
jail ridden and dunkards.
In the play “The Chinese Must Go,” the feelings of Nativist are specifically beliefs based off
racism. It is shown that Nativist believed the chinese planned to leave whites with no work and
no money, and that the Chinese wanted whites to die. Throughout the play the whites were
demeaning their language and accusing the chinese of being drug addicts. The play clearly
shows that the Nativist were upset the Chinese were doing the jobs for cheaper. The play
overall shows the common stereotypical beliefs about the Chinese based off of what they are
told to believe by their other counterparts.
The Workingmen speech, describes how the Chinese have taken over the workforce. According
to the speech by the workers, Chinese great danger and threats to America as a prosperous
community. The Workers conspired that the boot, shoe, and cigar industries are in Chineses’
hands and that the industries were almost impossible to compete in for jobs. Along with this, the
Chinese were seen by the worker as taking over the manufacturing of men’s overalls and
women and children’s underwear. Lastly, the workers accused the Chinese of monopolizing
farming and selling of vegetables.
Throughout the documents, Racist beliefs and stereotypes are depicted it is first portrayed
within Nast Cartoon and Lee Chew’s Autobiography. Also, it is shown in the play, “The Chinese
Must Go.” Lastly, it was show in the Workingmen speech (Workingmen of San
Francisco).Therefore the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was passed because the Nativist were
racist against the Chinese.