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Leadership development

Leadership development
Nowadays leadership plays it role as well among nurses in health care issue. Nurses are mainly focused
in leadership practice because they are spending their time with patients more than doctors. There are
two types of leadership which are bureaucratic and charismatic. Bureaucratic leadership is followed by
protocol and guidelines, unmotivated workforce, effortless and having less satisfaction. The charge
nurse was lacking of new ideas which is caused by no confidence in own decisions and the ideas of
nursing student. Charismatic leadership always being excellence or example to others in the related field.
The workforce is dependent to the leader and on his or her egocentric ‘superiority’. Heroic and postheroic are types of transformational leadership theories. Heroic theory defined as an individual who
managed his or her position on top and shows the personalities. It is same as like charismatic leadership
theory which is a leader’s skills will be the key for the success. This type of leadership had been criticized
because they are not directly communicated with the followers. The post-heroic theory can be said as
collective, authentic and engaging leadership which is a charge nurse cannot be responsible for the
leadership failings.
Leading and developing individuals shows that genuine concern which is help to make strong bonding
between leader and co-worker. Can be a part of organization’s success and will receive some rewards.
Lead the team and act together is easier to solve the complex problems.
Charismatic leadership may cause implement new ideas with erroneous self-confidence in himself or
herself being extraordinary in the field. The charge nurse approach may not as leader, in that case the
understanding and decision making will be drag and did not collaborate in the greatest health care task
of promoting patient-centred care.
Enron Financial scandal, said that heroic transformational leader can improve the demotivated
organizations to bring changes through using risky attitude to increase personal potential and energy
Leadership may important for every charge nurse who is mainly plays his or her role in organizational
and individual success. There are many transformational theories that help to improve leadership skills
of a charge nurse.
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