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Freytag’s Pyramid Review

Freytag’s Pyramid
Ms. Coleman
Directions- Match the parts of Freytag’s
Pyramid with the correct events.
Force/Rising Action/ Climax/
Falling Action/Resolution
• The Big Bad Wolf died in a pot of hot water and Pigs
lived happily ever after.
• Pigs 1+2 ran to Pig 3’s house.
• The Big Bad Wolf saw the pigs and made a plan to eat
• The three little pigs built their houses in the woods.
• The Big Bad Wolf blew Pigs 1+2 house down.
• The Big Bad Wolf could not blow Pig 3’s house down.
• Big Bad Wolf chased the pigs through the woods.
What “Theme” would you assign this
picture? (Use Short Answer Equation)
Theme Question