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Cells & Cell Theory Packet

Class Hour:_______
Cells & Cell Theory Packet
A. Watch the Bill Nye video on Cells on EdPuzzle.com
B. Watch the video “The Wacky History of Cell Theory” on EdPuzzle.com
C. Use the textbook pages posted on Google Classroom for the following
1. What is a cell?____________________________________________________________________________
2. “Each cell can __________________, ___________________, ____________________ and __________
3. Summarize what each scientist discovered/did in the table below:
Robert Hooke
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
Matthais Schleiden &
Theodore Schwann
4. What did Rudolf Virchow propose (hypothesized) that cells _______________________________
5. Cell Theory explains the __________________________ between ____________ and _____________
6. Cell theory is:
1. ____________________________________________________________________________________
2. ____________________________________________________________________________________
7. Some organisms are made of only a ____________ cell. You are made of _________________ of
cells. In _____________________ organisms like you, there are many different types of
_____________________ cells.
8. All cells share similar characteristics:
1. All cells are surrounded by a __________________________________________.
2. All cells contain ________________________________.
3. All cells contain _______________________________.
4. All cells contain ____________.
9. Define the following words:
A. Cell Membrane:_________________________________________________________________
B. Organelle: ______________________________________________________________________
C. Cytoplasm:______________________________________________________________________
10. Complete the table below using the picture on page 96:
Prokaryotic Cells
Eukaryotic Cells
D. Go to EdPuzzle and watch the BrainPop video called “Cells”.
E. Answer the questions below with the textbook pages posted on Google
1. Name 3 ways a cell is like a cookie factory:
Write the letter of the function of the cell next to the cell part. Use the textbook pages
posted on Google Classroom.
Found in both kinds of cells:
______ Mitochondria
A. separates the inside of the cell from the
______ Vacuole
B. Controls activities of the cell
______ Endoplasmic Reticulum
C. Stores water, food and wastes
______ Ribosomes
D. Protein factory
______ Golgi bodies
E. The “goo” that holds the cell parts
______ Lysosomes
F. Give the cell its shape and strength
______ Cytoskeleton
G. Contains chemicals that break down food
______ Cell membrane
H. Produces the cell’s energy
______ Nucleus
I. Receives materials from the ER
______ Cytoplasm
J. Carries materials from one part of the cell
to another
Found in only animal cells:
_____ Cytoskeleton
A. Captures energy from sunlight
_____ Cell Wall
B. Gives the cell its shape and strength
_____ Chloroplasts
C. Surrounds cell & gives rigid structure
Use the images on Google Classroom to label AND color the cells below: