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Captive to demons

Captive to Demons
The nights, they came with ignoble rhymes,
Causing the hearts to ache and souls to cry.
The tears, they fade away with the passing time
But lives went on with the poisonous sighs.
The shadows of night haunted me
Not because they are black and scary
But for they resembled the known faces.
Yet i believed (as a child)
I believed in the beauty of soul.
A belief that broke.
They said, they fear demons,
Some creatures from hell.
I said, fear thy soul foolish man,
For devils don't destroy lives
It's us who do.
But one night demons did come
And made me bear their sins
To spread far and wide.
So, pain became the token of my life
And destruction my game.
But, trust me, once I believed
In the beauty of soul.