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Assignment 1.2 apa

The Four Functions Of Management 1.2
The Four Functions of Management 1.2
Eric Moreno
South Texas College
The Four Functions Of Management 1.2
In this essay, I will give a summary of what was talked about in the video that I watched
in this weeks 1.2 assignment. The title of the video was four primary functions of management
and the objectives that were covered in the video are reviewing the definitions of management
and define the functions of management. Also included are my response to the questions that
were asked in this assignment.
The Four Functions Of Management 1.2
The video that I watched in assignment 1.2 discussed the four primary functions of
management. The objectives that this video covered were reviewing the definitions of
management and defining the functions of management. Management is, defined as a process of
decision making and activities used to achieve goals and objectives with people and resources.
The management process involves many people like supervisors, and directors but that we do not
only use management in the work place but we can apply it to our everyday lives even in school.
The four function of management includes planning, organizing, leading and controlling. The
video states, there are some models of management that add functions like staffing and directing.
Staffing is known, as a form of organizing and directing is known as a form of leading.
The video starts to talk about the first function of management and it is planning.
Planning is what will determine the actions of the organization in advance, in other words it is
known as the action plan of the organization. The planning also needs to correlate with the vision
and mission of the organization. When we make plans for vacation, we want to have everything
in order like lodging transportation, times, and events. Just like planning for a vacation a good
plan is able to answer the five w’s who, what when, where, why and how. Proper planning
affects all levels of management along with effective planning and having a good action plan
helps to prepare the organization for present and future events. Some of the examples that were
given of planning are daily checklist, sop’s, comprehensive plans, and emergency plans. The
next topic that was explained was organizing and it was defined as coordination, adjusting and
modifying of the organizations planning’s. Planning can be broken down further into two groups
known as staffing and resources. Staffing includes recruiting, training, and management training
programs. Resources includes raw materials, tools, equipment, office supplies and capital. The
manager needs to use his resources and tools that will help stay organized like calendars, phones,
The Four Functions Of Management 1.2
tables and people like secretaries. The next function that was explained was leading and it is also
known as directing. Leading involves explaining to the organization what needs to be done to
execute what was planned in the planning stages. Leading involves actions like assigning tasks,
getting resources from outside of the organization and conducting team building within the
organization. Controlling was the next function that was explained, it involves regulating, and
the organization and its staff implement ensuring the plan. In this function, management is also
able to evaluate the plan with feedback from people within the organization. To evaluate they
can use things like performance evaluations, scorecards and are able to restructure or amend the
plan if needed.
The topic is used every day by management and people like you and me in our everyday
lives. Management of a watermelon company can use the four primary functions of management
to implement specific instructions to farmers to grow a watermelon that meets and or exceeds the
standards and culture of the organization and its crop that is produced and sold by the
watermelon company to its consumers. What surprised me from this video is that it mentioned an
expanded version of the primary functions of management that included staffing and directing.
The Four Functions Of Management 1.2
The Four Primary Functions of Management. (2016, November 03). Retrieved from
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