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whose layer is it anyway

"Whose layer is it anyway?"
For each of the following descriptions tell whether it is describing the Epidermis, Dermis,
or Subcutaneous layer. Use a different color to indicate each layer. If you were missing
any of the characteristics in your note taking foldable go back and add them.
1. cells accumulate keratin which waterproofs and hardens
2. layer contains adipose (fat) tissue that keeps us insulated, stores energy, and
acts as a shock absorber
3. contains blood vessels that maintain body temperature and supply the epidermis
with a nutrients
4. contains melanocytes that make melanin (amount based on genes and UV ray
5. Contains nerves that give us our sense of touch and also sense of temperature
and pain
6. contains sebaceous glands that release sebum which helps to waterproof and
moisturize our skin
7. contains sweat glands that release sweat in order to cool our bodies
8. contains the start of hair follicle which a tube that hair grows out of
9. deepest layer
10. lacks blood vessels
11. lower layer is the stratum basale and contains cells that are dividing
12. made of stratified squamous epithelium
13. middle layer
14. older cells die as pushed away from blood supply
15. outer layer
16. outermost last is the stratum corneum
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