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Egypt Project Instructions (Possible)

Egypt Artifact
Ancient History 10
Egyptian Artifact
Your unit project for our studies of Ancient Egypt will be to recreate an
artifact that one might find in an archaeological dig of the area, or a model of an
Ancient Egyptian structure. For example, you may choose to create a facsimile of a
tool or instrument of the time, or a model of the Sphinx or make and decorate a
sarcophagus (a stone coffin). You will be given one class to do research to help you
to choose a topic. Along with your artifact you will provide a half page to a page
written description of your project. Your write-up will include a brief description
of what your object is and what its purpose was.
Ms. Ripley
Egypt Artifact
Ancient History 10
Ancient History 10
Egypt Artifact
Marking scheme
Below 60%
The artifact has The artifact is
not met the
Above 85%
The artifact is
The artifact has
satisfactory and constructed well
been created in a
The artifact is expectations of
by and large meetsand meets the
superior manner.
an attempt to
the expectations; expectations,
It demonstrates
create a replica of and has some
however, it has
although it
creativity and
an Egyptian
major areas that
some significant
contains some
artifact and
need improvement. areas that it needs minor problems
the assignment
to improve on.
The artifact
with regard to its exceeds
The write-up
The write-up is
The write-up has The write-up is
not met the
satisfactory and meets the
excellent and
The write-up is expectations of
by and large meetsexpectations,
exceeds the
designed to
the assignment
the expectations; although it
support the
and has some
however, it has
contains some
expectation. The
artifact and
major areas that
some significant
minor problems
write-up provides
explain its
need improvement. areas that it needs with regard to its a detailed
significance to
to improve on.
Ancient Egypt
ability to clearly
explanation of the
explain its
significance to
Ancient Egypt
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Ms. Ripley
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