Design your own Bacteria

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DIY Superbug
We normally associate the word “super” with something that’s good -- superman, superfoods,
superpowers -- but when it comes to superbugs, the end result is anything but good. Imagine
being sick in the hospital with a bacterial infection and doctors can't stop it from spreading. This
so-called "superbug" scenario is not science fiction. Superbugs are an urgent, worldwide worry
that needs swift action. According to the CDC, every year about 2 million people get sick from a
superbug and about 23,000 of them die. Superbug is a term used to describe bacteria that
cannot be killed using multiple antibiotics. It can also be called "multidrug-resistant bacteria."
In class, we have learned about different types of bacteria and all their different features. Now, we
are going to use everything we have learned to design our very own superbugs.
For this assignment, you are required to create your own superbug using any medium that
appeals to you. This includes video, handmade poster, infographic (can be made on Canva),
bristol board, comic strip, podcast etc. Keep in mind, that you are required to hand in a rough
copy of your project, your references, as well as the drawing of your superbug even if you are
making a video or audio project.
Things to include:
❏ Rough Draft
❏ Draw your bacteria
● Label the parts (minimum of 8 labels) and tell me their functions
❏ Scientific Name
● Give your super bug a cool name but don’t forget the naming conventions!!
❏ Shape
❏ Group of Bacteria is it classified as
● We talked about the main groups
● Include details about the group it belongs to
❏ How does it reproduce?
● Feel free to draw a diagram if it helps you explain the process. The explanation should
be in your own words and about 4-7 sentences.
❏ How fast does it reproduce?
❏ How did it become resistant to antibiotics?
❏ Pick an antibiotic that it is resistant to
● How does this antibiotic function?
❏ What disease does it cause? Symptoms?
● Feel free to get creative here. You are welcome to look up other diseases if it helps you
to come up with symptoms
❏ How is it different from your body’s cells?
● List at least 4 differences
❏ References
● Need to be from credible sources (use at least 4)
● APA format
***Feel free to ask me any questions you may have over the course of the assignment***
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