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Inspirational Speech for Scholars

Good afternoon everyone, Undersecretary Carolina, fellow PVAO scholars,
Strangers as we may be, let me start my short message with a quote that
binds us together.
Nelson Mandela once said that “Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world.”
- In my quest for further knowledge and in pursuit of knowing my career
path, I was always asked the question, “Bakit law? Eh ang hirap na nga
niyan, ang tagal pa.”
o My grandfather who served for the army, was actually a lawyer. I
looked up to him and he served as my inspiration. I grew up with
him and saw how much change he effected, how many people he
helped, and how many lives he touched. I wanted to do the same.
- People would also ask me “How do you do it, Ella?”
o I would always answer with five words: Passion, Discipline,
Commitment, Consistency and Faith
o It was never an easy ride. During my stay in law school, I could
clearly remember my daily defeats: taking an exam with a fever,
being embarrassed in front of people, going to class without
finishing the coverage. These defining moments helped shaped
who I am today. The triumph after every setback kept me going.
o I would also like to share that life will not stop for us. *share my
experiences (reading in the dark, studying during festivities,
missing out on occasions, etc.)
o Lastly, one thing we cannot do without, prayers and faith to our
Lord who makes everything possible.
We may have our own different aspirations to improve the world, and to better
our present situation through our own small ways. Although we may not have
fought in battlefields as my lolo and our predecessors did, may we continue
to be effective instruments of peace and justice in our country today. May we
do them proud.
I would also like to extend my sincerest gratitude to PVAO for enabling
students like us to reach their dreams through their generous assistance and
financial support. May you continue this act of kindness in equipping people
with the most powerful weapon: a chance at education.
Thank you and a pleasant day to all!
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