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COMM 490 RJ #3

COMM/PHIL 490 Organizational Identity and Culture
Reading Journal Assignment
Reading Journal Entries require that you answer the question asked in a thorough and personal
manner. The point of these entries is to help you be self-reflective about the material we are
reading for the course. By doing so, it can help what may seem distant and unknown in our
reading become easier to understand and to see in your own life. You are required to write out
at least 200 words for this assignment. Feel free to quote from the text (just put the page
number in parentheses). Please proof-read your entry for any grammatical or spelling
errors. Upload to Canvas for credit. Be prepared to share your answer as well.
5 – 4pts: An error free entry that displays personal engagement with the question and an
understanding of the reading material.
3 – 2pts: Contains some errors, and at least an attempt to engage the material as well as
understand it.
1 – 0pts: Contains multiple errors and displays a lack of interest in the entry and the material.
Entry #3:
Over Spring Break and into our first week back, you are required to read the entirely of Fight
Club. It is a commentary on the meaninglessness of consumer culture, and its ability to erase
meaning from existence, as well as a tale of toxic masculinity, destruction and nihilism.
1. In relation to the lecture on the handout “Anxiety, Choice and Individuality” (which
focused on whether or not Authenticity is possible in Consumer Culture), do you believe
that Tyler Durden's response to Consumer Culture is authentic or done in bad faith? You
need to display an understanding of what authenticity and bad faith mean in
Existentialism in your response.