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It is required

It is required to design a Hydraulic Jack, which is used to lift an automobile during tire replacement. The
Jack should be designed to be operated manually, and manufactured from locally available materials
with the use of simple manufacturing methods.
Additional Specification
Type: Hydraulic Bottle Jack
Maximum lift load: 13KN
Minimum lift height: 13 mm
Maximum lift height: 240 mm
Design the Jack based on the operation conditions specified above
1. Design the Jack: pistons, cylinders, cap, base, handle and housing, etc.
2. Design all necessary valves, springs and other components in the jack.
3. Prepare a report outlining all your design calculations, considerations and selections.
4. Prepare detailed part drawings for all components in the Jack.
5. Prepare an assembly drawing with necessary views that includes details af all the joints in the Jack.