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MIS 710 - Process Innovation and Management
In-class Exercise: Strategy of your firm
a. What kind of strategy does your company follow?
(Operational Excellence, Customer, Intimacy, Product Excellence) and/or
Resource-based? Does it have a mixture of strategies?
Ans: My ex-company followed a mixture of different strategies. The strategies were
tailored for each client. Since it was a marketing company catering to multiple
domains i.e. from media to finance, the strategies had to be amended depending
upon the requirements of the client. For example: an app based company would
want us to generate app installs and increase the app rating while a finance
company would want us to increase the product knowledge amongst its potential
customers. I was working for a Fintech company called RuPiZo which is basically an
e-wallet (joint venture between Reliance ADAG and DBS Bank). The basic
requirements of the client was to increase its digital presence and increase the app
rating and download amongst their required demographic. Our strategy for the client
was more intimate as I had to be in touch with only 2 point of contacts. This helped
me to make sure my motive and strategy is clear to the client and the feedback
process was very seamless and almost real time.
b. Briefly describe your firm’s strategy.
Ans: My firm is basically divided into different domains like management, media,
communications, BFSI etc. Once a company comes onboard it is assigned to one of
the domains. Then the firm appoints marketing executives and an account manager
from that domain so that both the parties have relevant knowledge regarding the
domain to which the client caters. This makes the transition and transfer of ideas
between the 2 companies easy and seamless.
c. Has you firm made an effort to describe its strategy to its employees? If so,
describe how (company newsletters, employee meetings, web site, etc.)
Ans: Once a client comes on board and the team is assigned, then a meeting is held
which led by the account manager. In this meeting we go through the requirements of
the client and then device a 3 month strategy according to it. Once the project is live, we
are supposed to send a weekly report and perform competitor analysis. This helps us to
analyze where we currently stand and what are the strategies and campaigns that are
used by the competitors of our client and once we have compiled everything then we
amend our strategies based on the inferences.