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Muckraking Research Guide

Modern Muckrakers Guide.
a. What is the duality you wish to investigate?
2. Perceived Injustices:
a. Explain why you consider them as such?
b. What information is not readily given to consumers?
3. What federal (or local) agency is in some way related?
i. What regulations do they have?
ii. Is the company/industry keeping within these?
4. Is there a union/advocacy group dedicated to this dynamic?
a. What are their recommendations?
b. How are they involved?
5. Are there laws in place?
a. What are they?
b. What new laws do you think should be in place?
6. What are recent problems/scandals that have arisen recently?
a. How did the company(ies) handle the situation?
b. Who do you consider at fault for the situation?
i. How were they (or were they not) held at fault? Should they be?
ii. Was there any detriment of the consumer? Subjects?
7. How can a consumer become better informed?
8. How is Muckraking advantageous to others? How is it detrimental?
9. How can average citizens advocate for change? (If you deem change is needed)?
10. Due to this duality, do you think this situation is violating any part of the constitution? If yes, which
a. How can the US amend or change the constitution to better help/protect those involved?
11. Who do you plan to interview from the industry?
a. How do you plan to approach them?
b. What is the speech/intro you plan to open the conversation with (