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2019 2VB-601 updated Questions and Answers

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Vendor: VMware
Exam Code: 2VB-601
Exam Name: VMware vSAN 2017 Specialist
Version: DEMO
Total Questions: 50
Product Version: 7
Question: 1
If the Primary level of failures to tolerate policy is changed from 2 to 3 without shutting down the virtual
machine, what will happen when the policy is applied?
A. It will fail with an alert. Primary level of failures to tolerate=3 is not supported with mirroring.
B. It will fail with an alert. The policy of a running VM cannot be dynamically changed.
C. vSANwill try to create an additional mirror of the VM's disk components, as long as there is a sufficient
number of fault domains and available capacity.
D. vSAN will switch its failure to tolerate method for any VMs with that policy, to optimize for space.
Primary level of failures to tolerate=3 can only be accomplished with erasure coding.
Answer: C
Question: 2
For a hybrid vSAN configuration, the SSD resides in which tier?
A. Read tier
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B. Write tier
C. Cache tier
D. Capacity tier
Answer: C
In a VMware vSAN configuration, the SSDs are used for the vSAN caching layer for hybrid deployments
and for the capacity layer for all flash.
Question: 3
View the exhibit.
The following are configuration details for a three-node all-flash vSAN cluster
What is the raw capacity of this cluster as configured?
A. 6.6 TB
B. 3 TB
C. 6 TB
D. 4 TB
Answer: C
To determine the raw capacity of a Virtual SAN datastore, multiply the total number of disk groups in the
cluster by the size of the capacity devices in those disk groups, and subtract the overhead required by the
Virtual SAN on-disk format.
Question: 4
How many consecutive heartbeats of communication must be lost between master and the witness host
for the witness host to be deemed to have failed?
A. 5
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B. 7
C. 3
D. 10
Answer: A
Question: 5
Consider the following vSAN cluster scenario:
What is the minimum number of physical hosts required to be a supported vSAN configuration?
A. Five (5)
B. Three (3)
C. Two (2)
D. Four (4)
Answer: B
VMware vSAN Design and Sizing Guide 6.5.Page: 18
Question: 6
VMware vSAN encryption requires the use of a key management server (KMS) solution.
Which Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMP) must the KMS solution support?
A. 1.0
B. 1.3
C. 1.2
D. 1.1
Answer: D
Question: 7
What is the minimum number of components that comprise a 100GB vSAN object with a RAID-5 erasure
coding policy assigned to is?
A. 3
B. 9
C. 6
D. 4
Answer: D
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Question: 8
Which services for vSAN are provided by NexentaConnect?
A. Encryption and key management
B. Apache and JavaScript
C. NFS and SMB
D. iSCSI and FC
Answer: C
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