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Adaptive FBS

Adaptive Feature Breakdown Structure
Prepared by: Raymond Foster
Date: 10/07/2018
1.0 Planning
1.1 Pre Plan for meeting
1.2 Hold a team meeting
1.2.1 Assign and familiarize the team
1.2.2 Discuss workload, schedule and expectations
1.3 Recruit people for specialized capabilities
2.0 Executing
2.1 Deploy the website
2.2 Check backend for stability
2.2.1 Take notes on issues
2.3 Survey customer
2.3.1 Survey customers for problems
2.3.2 Survey customers for recommendations
3.0 Mitigation
3.1Receive Feedback
3.2 Review Feedback
3.2.1 Find out what you could have done better
3.2.2 List out your problems for major to minor Estimate timeline for each problem Prioritize what you need for daily operations
3.3 Plan to implement priority updates
4.0 Closing
4.1 Work on major problems
4.2 Work on minor problems
4.4 Maintain Support
4.3 Plan major updates
4.0 Plan next iteration
4.4 Deploy beta for next iteration