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What Are Your Monkeys

What Are Your Monkeys?
The monkeys in the Calcutta Golf Course scenario represent the unpredictable course of nature. They
are representative of the unknown factors that can’t be planned for. Accepting that monkeys will always
be a part of life, explore what monkeys you have come across already and consider how you addressed
those situations.
Think of a time that you “hit an amazing shot” only to have your ball thrown off course.
What was that situation? (Describe the setting before and after the unpredictable event.)
How did you react in that situation? (In what ways did you resist the situation?)
How did your response make you feel?
How could you handle that same situation in an accepting way? (If you can’t beat them, join them!)
How might you feel/act differently if you embrace the monkeys instead of fighting them? (Doesn’t mean
you have to like the situation, but simply that you accept it as reality.)
What are other examples of monkeys you may face in life? (Considering possible future events will allow
you to more quickly realize that you should react mindfully in those situations, but do not obsess about
the unknowns as the future has too many unpredictable factors to consider them all.)