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Study Questions for THE VISIT

Study Questions for The Visit by Friedrich Dürrenmatt
I did not write these questions; you can find them online in multiple locations.
These questions are not for points; they are only to help you navigate the cold reading of
the play.
Act One
1. Why do the townspeople anticipate Claire’s arrival so fervently? What does it tell us about
2. What is the significance of Claire’s body being largely artificial?
3. How is foreshadowing used in this act?
Act Two
1. What is the importance of the prevalence of guns in this act?
2. Why is the increase in standard of living important? What does it mean?
3. Collect some examples of double-meanings.
4. How do the actions of the townspeople contradict their words? What message might
Durrenmatt be giving with this contradiction?
5. What is the importance of hearing from all of Claire's ex-husbands?
6. How are the actions of the characters used to enhance the tension in this act?
Act Three
1. What is the importance of the Medea allusion?
2. Explain Claire's quotation: "The world turned me into a whore. I shall turn the world into a
3. What is the importance of the portrait of Ill that the painter paints?
4. In what ways does Ill's family betray him?
5. What symbols are used in this act and what do they mean?
6. Analyze the importance of the schoolmaster's last speech.
7. What is the effect of all the citizens chanting in unison at the climax of the play?
8. Why does Ill say "Pray for Guellen"?
9. Why do the lights get turned down?
10. Analyze the words of Chorus One and Chorus Two.