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App development Atlanta

App development Atlanta
“How much does it cost to make an app?” As a developer, this is
the most common question I am asked. This is like asking “How
much does it cost to build a house?” Following the house analogy,
are you looking for a mansion or a shack? Do you want a house
made of straw, sticks, or brick? Do you want a custom home or a
tract home? Just like a house, the variables in developing an app
are endless.
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To create our wireframes, our designers use a design tool called
Sketch. When I wireframe, I personally use PowerPoint. My wireframes
are ugly but effective. I send our clients a PowerPoint template where
they can either use PowerPoint’s drawing tools or they can even print
it out and hand draw it. My general recommendation is to use a
graphics program that you are comfortable with.
Android app Development Company
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For the most part, a developer should be able to provide you a quote to
develop your app based on your wireframe (and architectural diagram). You
can find reputable U.S. based developers at thumbtack.com and
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Android app Development Atlanta
You can also find freelancers and offshore teams at upwork.com
and guru.com. Just beware. I’ve talked to clients that have used
developers from these sites and it’s a mixed bag. I’ve talked to a
few people that have had good experiences and I’ve heard some
horror stories.
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IOS App Development in Atlanta
If you feel like your app concept is the next Uber, it’s okay to
ask the developer for an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) or
to ask them to sign your NDA. When you go through this
process, you’ll find a vast range for the quotes. This blog post
lists 9 Factors in Evaluating a Contract Mobile App Developer.
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