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Present Perfect vs. Present Perfect Continuous FULL LESSON

To describe activities, routines, or habits which were recently begun
I have been taking French classes this semester
To describe recent events or temporary situations.
I haven't been sleeping well.
To talk about the temporary result of a recently finished activity
I’ve been cleaning the house for the party, that’s why I’m so tired.
To talk about an action that started in the past but actively continues in the present
I’ve been studying English for years.
To describe experiences
I’ve been to Peru, China, and Germany.
To describe events that happened in the past and continue in the present.
I’ve studied English for years.
To describe actions that happened in the past and might continue in the present.
Steven Spielberg has directed a lot of movies.
Fill the gaps below with the right tense:
Abigail: Hi Bea. How _____________________ (your week be)
so far?
Beatrice: Awful. How about you, Abby?
A: I can’t believe your week ______________ (be) as bad as
mine. I __________________ (only go out) with my boyfriend
for two months and he ________________ (already stop)
phoning me.
B: That’s nothing. Yesterday I ______________ (find out) that
my boyfriend __________________ (sleep with) other women.
A: Mine too. He _______________________ (sleep with) 4
women in the last month!
B: Only four? Mine __________________ (sleep with) at least
6! And he _____________ (smoke) drugs in my house.
A: Oh yer, my boyfriend used to smoke drugs too, but recently he
__________________ (inject) himself!
B: Well, my boyfriend has…
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