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[doi 10.1109%2FEI2.2018.8582096] Liu, Linping; Chen, Siyu -- [IEEE 2018 2nd IEEE Conference on Energy Internet and Energy System Integration (EI2) - Beijing (2018.10.20-2018.10.22)] 2018 2

The Application of Artificial Intelligence
Technology in Energy Internet
Linping Liu, Siyu Chen
Abstract— In the context of the global energy crisis, environmental pollution, and the booming “Internet +” technology, smart
grids and energy networks are deeply integrated to form energy Internet. Therefore, it is urgently needed for energy system,
information technology and artificial intelligent technology with further research. In view of this, this paper briefly discusses the
artificial intelligent techniques and its application in the energy networks. Firstly, it shows artificial intelligence's developing
process, core technologies and importance. And then taking the application of neural network technology in analyzing and
forecasting wind power, it points out that AI techniques can be applied to energy Internet research on power system scheduling
and the user side of electricity market. Finally it outlooks the future development of energy Internet and raises issues of concern
that AI technology deserves attention in the energy Internet.