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Basics of Materials Management-ACM

Basics of Materials
Prof. Milind Jagtap
Teaching Plan
1. Basics of Materials Management……….1 session
2. Inventory Management and Control……4 sessions
2.1 Inventory costs
2.2 Concept of EOQ
2.3 P and Q Inventory systems
2.4 Selective Inventory Control(ABC Analysis)
3. Materials Requirement Planning………..4 sessions
3.1 Product structure
3.2 Bill of Materials
3.3 Inventory status file
3.4 MRP Terminologies
3.5 Lot sizing techniques
Materials accounts for 20 to 60 percent of the total cost
of the project.
Materials management is the issue of concerns in the
construction Industry. 40 percent of the time of time is lost
at the site due to lack of materials when needed, poor
identification of materials, and inadequate storage.
Materials management function is often performed on
fragmented basis with minimal communication and no
clearly established responsibilities assigned to the owner,
engineer, or contractor.
It is vital to plan for materials material shortages due to
high interest rates, rising prices of materials, and
Expenditure on Materials
What is Materials Management?
Functions of Materials Management
Procurement and Purchasing
Materials Planning
Materials handling
Cost control
Inventory management/Receiving/Warehousing
Categories of Materials
Categories of materials
Categories of Materials
(according to site use)
Categories of materials
( according to site use)
Classification of site materials
Ordering Cost (OC)
Materials management in Projects
Scope of Materials Management
Six Blind Men and Elephant
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