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Assignment for OM

Jennifer Le (Huong)
1) How can managers be encouraged to develop global thinking?
Most importantly, managers must be actively learning the concept of global
thinking. They must have opportunities to inquire about the world, take multiple
perspectives, engage in respectful dialog, and take responsible action as a
routine and integral part of everyday life in the classroom. Assigning projects
based on the concept of global thinking is one option. Letting managers work and
collaborate with managers from other countries is another choice. Managers
must be exposed to the function and importance of global thinking in order to fully
comprehend their definition and application.
2) Why do you think some companies encourage alternative work arrangements?
To reduce the rigidity element of the workplace. I have seen and heard many
stories of how Google arranges its workplace and the flexibility and open spaces
allow employees to be more productive and creative. Alternative work
arrangments allow employees to do their work in various ways and this could
mean more group work for those who need it and individualistic work time for
those who want it.
3) What effects will the globalization of business have on a company’s culture? How can
a strong "Made in America" identity compete in a global marketplace?
First and foremost, globalization of business will allow a company to expand its
work culture and this means for diversity in the workplace (not just ethnicity).
Ease in the transfer of information and communication - both are results of the
globalization of business - will help boost productivity.
A strong “Made in America” identity can compete in a global marketplace by
customizing their products according to the values, beliefs, and preferences of a
target market. For example, Starbucks, a very well-know coffee chain has thrived
in Japan despite originating from the U.S. because it adapted successfully to the
tastes and preferences of people in Japan. Starbucks just added the Sakura
Strawberry Pink Mochi Frappuccino to its menu in various locations in Japan increasing the hype for its customers.