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cell cycle, meiosis, chromo test

Chapter 6 & 7 Exam (44 points total)
Free response (3 points)
1. The cell cycle consists of 3 stages, in order they are:
2. What is the longest stage of the cell cycle?
3. What happens in the longest stage of the cell cycle?
4. Label each phase of the cell cycle below. (6 points)
5. Label each phase of meiosis and cytokinesis below. (10 points)
________________ __________________ ________________
_______________ ____________________
_______________ ________________
6. Comparing Mitosis & Meiosis (12 points)
Complete the following table comparing mitosis & meiosis.
Number of Divisions
Number of Daughter
Genetically Identical
(yes or no)
Chromosome Number
Type of cells where this
occurs (body or sex
Creates haploid or
diploid cells?
7. Label the parts of the homologous chromosomes. (3 points)
Matching (5 points)
____8. parent cell
___ _9. daughter cell
____10. chromosome
____11. haploid
____12. diploid
a. The full set of chromosomes
b. A cell that divides to make 2 daughter cells
c. Coiled, replicated DNA that forms 2 strands joined as
an X shape.
d. Half set of chromosomes
e. Cells that are offspring of parent cells
More matching! (5 points)
chromatin material
DNA replication
cleavage furrow
a. A long fiber that connects to the centromere of a
chromosome and pulls it apart
b. Uncoiled, threadlike strings of DNA
c. Pinching in cell membrane in telophase
d. DNA makes a copy of itself
e. The center point at which 2 chromatids are attached