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《Enjoy The Life,Now Is Good》

N:傅天仆 Elisha
D:2017 年 3 月 9 日
《Enjoy The Life, Now Is Good》
There is a saying‘Time flies like an arrow.’The velocity of time always
make us feel clearly, our lives are becoming gradually less and less. We can’t
know we still have how many days to live. That means today may be your last
To have no regret, we should try our best to experience life personally.
Neglecting the final time is a large mistake. It’s meaningful for us to do
something that realizes life. Such as: take a stroll, climb a mountain. We will
have many new finds when we lay down anything and just consider the life.
First, we are lucky because we still have time to look around the world and
think back the past. There were many people that can’t breathe yesterday.
Second, we are lucky because we have known how to live, we just need to
consider and taste it. But lots of people are fighting to make the life better now.
Third, we are pretty lucky because as usual we have chances to achieve our
dreams, obtain something we want and make the impossible possible. What
wonderful time the last day is!
If you want the final day could continue, we ought to learn from life、 grow
from life and enjoy the life now. Life is like a flower, you care, it blooms; you
loathe, it withers.In a word, if we put down everything and feast the life, we will
gain the happiness everyday.Therefore let’s enjoy the life.
Right here, right now, action!
Enjoy the life, now is good!
My speech is over.Thank you for your attention.