Stress! Quiz
Directions: please use your notes to answer the following questions:
1. T
F No one is immune to stress.
2. What is the definition of stress according to the lecture?
3. Who first described stress as this definition? When?
4. What field of study did the term “stress” originally come from?
5. What are 3 of the stress signals that the lecturer mentioned?
a. –
b. –
c. –
6. What are the 5 ways to deal with stress appropriately?
7. What is the word used to describe positive stress?
8. T
F Stress, in itself, is hazardous.
9. What is the lecturer’s attitude about stress?
_____ a. It is important to avoid stress because it is always harmful
_____ b. It is important to manage stress well.
_____ c. People who do not have stress are lucky
_____ d. People who manage stress well are lucky.