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ZiyadAhmed SchoolMagazine 10-BR2

1- Introduction
2- Body part 1
3- Body part 2
4- Body part 3
5- Conclusion
Writing why you want to be
Include information about
yourself and your writing
Why want to write for the
What are your interests and
what you could write about.
Dear editor,
I’ve heard about the monthly school magazine is about to
start. I am about to tell why I want to be involved, what skills
and interests I have.
I am Ziyad, I am a sixteen years old student and I have a
great skill which will amaze you. I am able to make readers
more excited for reading and not getting bored just from the
title. I am known in my school by my stories which attracts so
many readers.
After writing stories and magazines for so much. Writing for
me now is fun and I would like to join this monthly magazine
writing to show my skills and to make people read much
more than in normal life.
My most important interest is to make people read more so
they refresh their minds. Nowadays people never read
except if the story or the writing is exciting. I am able to write
about football and all other sports.
In conclusion I appreciate your work, reading of my letter and
I would be thankful if you accept me.