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NO PICS on the exam
1. Which describes the presentation of psoriasis? Lichenification, plaque, coalescing (pick
answer choice with all three)
2. What can we test for with HLA? Abacavir, Carbamazepine, and Allopurinol
3. What is the counseling point for allopurinol? Drink lots of water to avoid side effects
4. Which of the following is true about angioedema? Ace inhibitor lifetime risk (NOT three
5. How long do you D/C raloxifene for? 3 days
6. What causes HIT? Heparin
7. Patient’s been taking an antibiotic for 5 days…what do you start the patient on after?
Antifungal – caspofungin
8. Platelet Q: If platelets drop from 450,000 to 100,000…what do you do? HOLD drug
9. If patient develops HIT after receiving heparin treatment…can you give LMWH? NO,
they will have 100% cross sensitivity, switch to NOAC (e.g. apixaban)
10. Which of the following is true? You can stop heparin after one day (wrong answer)
11. Which agent doesn’t cause SIADH? Tolvaptan
12. mEQ of Gatorade? Around 20
13. In class case: Thrombocytopenia due to gin and tonic?
14. Cure for macrocytic anemia? Folic acid and B12
15. How do you treat hypercalcemia? Give NS
16. What causes hypokalemia? Corticosteroids, glucocorticoids, pick the steroid option
17. Nickel causes contact dermatitis
18. Know all drugs that cause pre renal AKI, glomerulonephritis, ATN, and kidney stones
19. Know risk factors for contrast induced ATN
20. Know the rate of administration of all the electrolyte abnormality treatments
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