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Illustrate an Ecosystem Project instructions


Illustrate an Ecosystem Project


You are going to create an ecosystem and label the components. Your ecosystem can either be created electronically or drawn by hand. You can use a Chrome book to research different organisms that would appear in your ecosystem and learn about how they gain energy. Make sure to include the following in your ecosystem:

Abiotic factors

Biotic factors

Consumers o

Herbivores, omnivores, & carnivores



After you have completely illustrated your ecosystem, you will begin the written portion of your assignment.

A paragraph (at least 4 sentences) explaining the features of your ecosystem, where it is located, and how energy flows through the ecosystem.

You will need to make a T-chart, listing at least 5 of the abiotic and biotic features in your ecosystem.

You will need to make lists of all of the: o

Consumers (include at least 2 omnivores, 2 herbivores, and 2 carnivores) o

Producers (minimum of 5) o

Decomposers (minimum of 2)

Construct a food web of the organisms in your environment (minimum of 3 distinct food chains)

You will be required to turn in your COMPLETE project to me on Tuesday, February 19th at the end of class.

This will include: Your illustration, written portion, and labeled food web. This assignment will be worth one project grade and one daily grade. I will subtract 10 points from your project grade for each day late. I will not accept late projects after Wednesday, February 20