Study Guide Exam I GEO/GY 310 Definitions for ecosystem

Study Guide Exam I
GEO/GY 310
Definitions for ecosystem, keystone species, and environment
Definitions for: environmental steward, manager, activist, and environmentalist
What is the ecological footprint?
Systems theory
Anthropocentric vs. biocentric vs. ecocentric
What is the environment?
Scientific hypotheses, theories, and laws
Environmental attitudes
Key events leading up to the first Earth Day
Establishment of Earth Day
Important years: key events, Earth Day, EPA founded
Idea of sustainable development
Ten principles of sustainable development
Definition of ecology
Closed vs. open system
Habitat, niche
Limiting factors of a species
Major types and roles of organisms in an ecosystem
Energy flows in an ecosystem
Sinks and sources
Carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen cycles
Concept of Gaia Hypothesis
Tragedy of the Commons
Examples of abiotic and biotic components of ecosystems
Evolution of human societies
Population concepts: life expectancy, birth rate, death rate, population growth rate, total
replacement level
Factors affecting birth rates, death rates, and growth rates
Patterns of population growth
General distribution of population growth by world geographic regions
Malthus theory
Carrying capacity
Population density
Standard of living
Human energy pyramid