Notes on organisms - unicellular

Definition: Anything that can live on its own
Types of organisms:
1. Unicellular organisms
2. Multicellular organisms
Unicellular organisms:
Definition: An organism that is made up of only one cell
Single celled organisms have all the characteristics of living things
Unicellular organisms have a variety of functions depending upon
the type of organism, but they generally need to synthesize all of the
nutrients necessary for the cell to survive.
 These organisms are very small and need to be seen with a
 The organism must carry out all of the life processes for the cell to
function and reproduce itself. (e.g.: Feeding, locomotion, expelling
waste and reproduction)
 All single-celled organisms contain every structure they need to
survive within their one cell.
 Many one-celled organisms are resistant to extreme temperatures.
 Organisms made of one cell do not grow as large as organisms made
of many cells.
 Single-celled organisms reproduce by a process called binary fission.