Lab 2 digital electornics

ECE 206 Digital Electronics
Name Surname:
Deni Troshani
Group members :
Deni Troshani, Riad Saker
Lab report number :
Date of Report Submission:
To practice and get a better knowledge of logic gates.
The use of logic gates in board and also in multisim.
Simplifying the circuits of logic gates
Question (60 points)
a)Create the truth table
b) Write down the canonical form of the function in sum of products
c) Implement the function in MULTISIM using OR, AND, and not gates.
d) Simplify the function using K-Map.
Simplified Function : F=XIZI+WIX+ZX
Use NOR gates in MULTISIM to implement the function
We see that the same result is obtained in both circuits.
Experimental results
By finishing the experiments we can see that the results of the truth table and also the results of
the circuits are the same before and after simplifying the Boolean function.
We learned how to make circuits with logic gates in electronic board and also how to create
circuits with logic gates and switches in multisim. We also practiced simplification of Boolean
functions and usage of K-map.