nick de vries - motivation letter graduate programme-1

Nick de Vries
Heyendaalseweg 98
6525 HK Nijmegen
X headquarters
To Mr. Nauting
Lawickse Allee 30
6709 DZ Wageningen
Nijmegen, 3 April 2015
Re: motivation graduate programme
Dear Mr. Nauting,
During the Nationale Carrièredagen in the RAI in Amsterdam, I spoke to your colleague …. He
explained to me what the graduate programme of your organisation contains. I became really
enthusiastic about this programme and would like to apply with this motivation letter for a position
in programme X.
Last September I graduated from the Radboud University in …. During my studies I did an internship
of six months at the marketing department of company A. This is where I learned all the facets of
marketing. It also taught me that I am most comfortable working on several kinds of projects at the
same time and to function as an all round employee within a company. Keeping my experience and
the information Mr. … gave me in mind, I am looking forward to start as a trainee of the graduate
programme your organisation offers.
Company X appeals to me, because it is one of the market leaders in the Netherlands. Additionally,
its highly valued reputation and its well known excellent service are what makes this company stand
out to me. I have experienced this as a customer and would like to carry this out as an employee.
I am a quick learner, very motivated and I have proven to be able to work independently and in a
team during my internship and coursework. I would like to further elaborate on my motivation and
competences during an interview.
Kind regards,
Nick de Vries
Enclosed: curriculum vitae