MAth Heart zone activity questions

Research and answer these questions.
1. what is the maximum pulse and why do you need to know it?
The maximum heart beat is the most your heart can beat for your age.You need to know it so you
might know if you are pushing your heart to hard if you go over the maximum.
2. What is your maximum heart rate? How do you calculate it? Give the answer in beats per
208 bpm I calculated it by subtraction my age from 220.
3. When you were recording the pulse yesterday, did you hit your maximum heart rate? If yes,
what activity were you doing?
4. What is a “target heart zone”? What does it mean? Why does it called “target zone”?
The minimum number of heartbeats in a given amount of time in order to reach the level of
exertion necessary.The lowest you need to have during a regular exersise.This is your target.
5. Find your target heart zone using the knowledge of 50%.
140 bpm
6. Look at the graph and tell when your heart rate was within your target heart zone. What
exercises were you doing?
Yes running
7. Did your heart rate dropped below your target zone rate after the recovery time?
8. Predict how your heart rate could have changed if after all the activities you did yesterday you
would also run as fast as possible for 1 minute. Use information from your table and use the
words “maximum heart rate” or “target heart zone”. Give the numeric answer as well. Explain
your prediction.
9. I would probobly would reach my maximum heart rate.