How Mass Media Shifted Form

Mass Media Shift
By VR Dolosa
Communication technology is one of the most indispensable thing that
human being has invented. The main purpose of its existence is to
disseminate information to the public within the radius of its reach. Overtime,
communication technology morphed into something different; multidimensional, mind-blowing multimedia. Not just only to project information to
the society but also to entertain them and waste their time day after day. My
father, in his younger age, luckily experienced the joy it brings to children like
him. His parents bought a television for the whole family. It was a piece of
heaven, very entertaining, and most of all time-consuming.
Television was black and white, yet, at that time it was in its best. My
father, together with his brothers and sisters, were all fan of watching
animated shows, while his parents were up for news programs, music
videos etc. The device somehow inhibits them from doing physical games
outside with their neighbors and friends. Their eyes were always staring on
the screen of that old CRT monitor of the previous model. Morning, afternoon
until evening they can’t get rid of their selves in front of the television. Their
parents sometimes reprimanded them to lessen the number of hours for their
viewing and instead to do their homework and studies. But, who can blame
the children? Who happen to have a technology which is not yet owned by
many in the neighborhood.
Moreover, my father told me some funny things in connection to being
the first family to have owned a television in their neighborhood. Most of their
neighbors actually gathered every afternoon in my father’s house to watch
television. These people also found this technology exhilarating and
entertaining. Sometimes, mothers carried their newborn just to watch news
and other entertaining shows. They don’t care anymore if they created some
sort of disturbance on the part of the host which was my father’s of course.
Every afternoon without a miss they were situated themselves inside the
house in front of the shining monitor.
In today’s time, black and white TV has lost its value already as new
trends in technology surfaced in the market. People in the present time prefer
high definition televisions that could project millions of colors spectrum. The
old model of TV can only be seen now in the garage or in the basement under
the house shut down to oblivion. If we are going to evaluate the value of those
old black and white models, we could see its benefits when it comes to the
health of the children’s eyes. According to studies, more and younger people
of today’s suffered from early signs of blindness because of the blue light
projected from the high definition monitors.
In retrospect, television can give happiness especially to the young
ones. It is also a good source of information with the news program presented
for diverse societies. It is indeed entertaining and grandeur. However, this
device can obliterate the children’s time to play with their friends and their
focus on school. It can be a cause of total waste of time for everyone who
allured with its vibrant display. The lost of popularity of the old black and white
model televisions gave rise to some problems in health due to the myriad
hazardous artificial lighting emitted from the vibrant screen of the high
definition televisions.