Force Pairs Practice Problems

-Force Pairs Practice
1. Watch the following video (preferably with your headphones) on Newton’s 3rd Law. Watch it again if you need to!
2. What is Newton’s 3rd Law in formal language?
3. How can you put Newton’s 3rd Law into your own words?
4. What is a force pair? What is true about the size of the forces? Why?
5. How many objects are involved in a force pair? Why?
6. Draw the force pair for a person pushing on a huge snowball to make a snowman.
7. Which of the following is an example of a force pair? Explain why!
a. The force of gravity and the normal force both acting on an apple
b. The force of friction and the applied force acting on a car moving down the road
c. The force of a person standing on the ground and the force of the ground pushing
d. The force of tension and the force of gravity acting on a hanging sign
8. Is this a force pair? Why or why not?
9. Come up with an example of an interaction involving a force pair. Then, draw a picture to
demonstrate the situation.
10. Imagine a situation in which a kid is kicking a futbol.
a. Is this a force pair? Why or why not?
b. What evidence suggests that there is a force ON the foot BY
the ball? Explain!
c. Write a paragraph explaining why the foot does not fly backwards.