Define Containers. (2)
What are the characteristics of enterprise applications? (2)
List the role of application servers in enterprise applications. (2)
Write down the steps for deploying J2EE package. (2)
What are types of J2EE Clients? (2)
Mention the difference between JTA and JTS. (2)
How to define standard archive for all J2EE Components? (2)
Define Two-tier Client Server Enterprise Architecture. (2)
Discuss the various J2EE components and services with an example (13)
Develop a car showroom inventory web application with 2-tier architecture. Use appropriate JSP and
JDBC connectivity. (13)
Indentify the J2EE Clients and role of Deployment Descriptor? (13)
Classify the components of J2EE Application. (13)
Explain about the different enterprise application styles. (6)
What are the technologies supported by java for enterprise application development? (7)
Write short note on naming and directory services provided by Java for enterprise application
development. (13)